What children and their parents have to say about EndeavorRx…

EndeavorRx is the first-and-only FDA-approved video game treatment for children with ADHD.

Families Using EndeavorRx

Adam & Ash’s Story

Emily & Brittany’s Story

Kate, Kara & Trey’s Story

Featured families were actual users of EndeavorRx, compensated for their participation and feedback

“I think it’s brilliant to put the therapy in the form of a game, making something that kids can enjoy and appreciate.”


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“Using EndeavorRx, I’ve noticed that my daughter can stay on task better than she did prior to the treatment. She can follow directions a lot easier. She can come back to what she was doing if she does get distracted. There’s also less of an argument when I do give her tasks that requires an attention span.”

“EndeavorRx is something that was quick for me to be able to implement. We didn’t have to call and make appointments ahead of time and take time out of our schedule or pull her out of school to drive to various places.”

“When I saw my daughter using EndeavorRx and sat down and watched her play, I could see that it was a well crafted product and a finished product, a tool that would work for her.”

“The draw of EndeavorRx was that it is based on brain research.”

“I felt like it really engaged my child and kind of pulled her in, made her look forward to playing.”

“The idea of having an ADHD treatment available in your own home, on your own device, on your own time is really fantastic.”